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Dr. Jon Cardoso-Silva
Assistant Professor of Data Science (Education)
LSE Data Science Institute

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data science workflow

relationship-rich education

machine learning applications

generative AI for education

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About me

  • I joined LSE in September 2021, first as a postdoc in Eleanor Power’s group, and now as an Assistant Professor of Data Science (Education).

  • I obtained my PhD in Computer Science from King’s College London in 2018. My research focused on optimisation, network science, and some machine learning.

  • My training and educational background during and before my PhD revolved around Engineering, Bio & Health Informatics.

  • I worked in industry as a Full-stack Software Developer and, most recently, as a Lead Data Scientist at Data Science Brigade, a Brazilian data science consultancy.

  • I love teaching, mentoring students and I have been involved in several research projects with undergraduate and postgraduate students. (Read more in the NOW page.)